My People

Here is some quick descriptions of "My People"...

I have 1 hubby,
he is a smart ass and a great cook.
We've had huge ups and downs but we're best friends so we always figure it out.
I usually refer to him as "The Hubs" and Im sure he will be mentioned.... a lot!

3 Daughters,
They are 20, 13 and 10. They're amzing little people that make my life complete.
They are witty, silly and always keep me on my toes.

3 Dogs,
Cocoa ( a black Lab) she's 9 and the sweetest dog ever!
Zoey (a long hair Chihuahua) she's 6 and extremely bitchy!
Roxy (a mutt) she's 3 and uber hyper, a forever puppy! She looks like someone shoved a Golden Reteiver into a Jack Russel, lol!

2 Cats,
Oscar & Logan, they're almost 2 yrs old. They are bothers that we adopted about a year ago.
Theyre fun but crazy.

So those are my immediate people. I also have other people that will make their way into this site from time to time. If you need more info on those people in the future I will add it here.

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