Its been one of those weeks ....

So from time to time this chick just needs to vent.
I mean its cool to take pretty pics, post about make up, and just add fluff to ones blog.....
But every now and again you just gotta keep it real.

Life has its ups and downs.
Sometimes life just sucks!

Just when relationships and or family life is coming together work has to suck.
There always, ALWAYS, has to be a yin to the yang. That's just life.

I guess work decided that it is its turn to drive me bananas! 

Don't get me wrong, I really do love my job but lately it has just been too much!
For those of you that don't know, I am an SET ( Special Ed Tech ) for an elementary school. I work in a Mod/Severe classroom . So my job consists of dealing with kids (ages 5 to 10) that have a lot of behavioral problems and mental disabilities. Anything from emotional to violent outbursts, diapering needs and constant monitoring. There are 7 kids in our class. They have Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome and or other disabilities. I have worked with these kids for over a year so I am used to the outbursts, behaviors, and just over all structure of the class. 

There are 3 students that are very time consuming. 

One of them is a little boy, a second grader, I'll call him A. 
A is really a sweet boy. There are just times that he doesn't want to do any work. He doesn't want to listen. He just wants to do what he wants to do. Its frustrating but manageable. From time to time he is what we refer to as a "runner". If you don't keep an eye on him or hold his hand outside of class, he will just take off. He is actually a lot easier this year than he was last year. 

Then there is a little girl that I'll call E. She is also a 2nd grader. E is a handful to say the least. She likes to mirror the other kids "bad" behavior because she can see that it gets them attention. E is one of those kids that really likes to push your buttons. I have worked with her enough to know how to ignore certain things & distract her before it becomes a problem. 
E could be a lot less of an issue if she wasn't in the same environment as J.

J is a mega problem. He is the 3rd student that I deal with on a regular basis. I spend more time with him than any one else in my classroom ( I am one of 3 paras, as well as the teacher). I am not all together sure what his medical diagnoses is but I am fairly certain that he has ADHD ( as well as possibly one or 2 other things). I am familiar with ADHD because of my oldest daughter but that is another story entirely. J is a handful. He is a 3rd grader but isn't potty trained. He is very aggressive and you have to be on high alert around him at all times. Some of his behaviors are obvious to his disability while others appear to me to be more about him not getting what he wants. I have a feeling that he is given whatever he wants when he is at home so that his parent doesn't have to deal with his aggressive outbursts. I have come home with many bruises from him hitting & kicking me when I don't give him what he wants.

So between those 3 kiddos, the other 4 kiddos, all the bathroom duties plus trying to teach the kids basics, my days are cray! I feel like I am running non stop. Lately I haven't really been getting my breaks from class. Working in the room and or with the kiddos for 4.5 to 5 hrs straight at a time. The classroom teacher is doing the best she can but like I told her today "Somethings gotta give". I even offered to help her work on the schedule so myself and the other paras could get regular breaks from the class and the kids. Being on 'high alert' for that many hours in a row is damn near soul crushing.

I am exhausted physically & mentally when I get home, 

I feel like I need to go on an extended vacay ..... asap!

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