Coffee please ....

So today is the first day of Spring Break. That means the kiddos don't have to get up and head to school. However the oldest spawn woke up bright and early to make the coffee. Here's the back story ...

So last night the Hubs and I were watching a movie. I told the oldest that she should head for bed because I didn't want her sleeping all day today. The Hubs said to her "Oh and even though you don't have school, I expect you to make the coffee in the morning anyway!" I said "Yea, you might want to set your alarm clock so that you can get up and make the coffee!" Since she gets up a little earlier than us during the week she usually makes our coffee for us. Now in this instance, her father and I were totally teasing her. She's 15 and on vacation. Ain't no way I would get up and 5:15 am while on vacation if I didn't have to.

So I was VERY surprised to hear from the Hubs that she did indeed get up early this morning to make the coffee! LOL!!! I talked to her about it a little while ago and she didn't realize we were joking last night. She full on thought we really wanted her to get up and make the coffee, lmao.

I really didn't know whether to thank her, say "ahh, you po'thang", our laugh hysterically. However I did enjoy myself a nice hot fresh cup of coffee this morning!


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