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So sometimes when I haven't blogged in a while I like to go back and read the last couple entries to, I don't know refresh my brain or something. While this doesn't really help get my mojo running to blog more it does remind me of my previous intentions.

So according to myself I was going to start writing book reviews. That sounds fun huh. Yet I haven't done it, lol. I finish a book and then move onto the next one. Not even thinking twice about telling my views on the last one. I'm not sure why I haven't reviewed any of them, I've read some really good books lately. If you really want to hear about what I have been reading then leave me a comment and Ill tell ya. My main suggestion really is that reading is awesome so do your best to make time to read, read anything, read whatever might interest you. Hell you can even read this blog if it makes you happy! ;)

Also, if you are 'reading' this blog you already know that I am all over the place when it comes to stuff I blog about. There is no rhyme and no reason to anything I start typing. Well thats just how I am. I can't help that. That might be why I don't blog often. I never know what to write about. So while you may not see another entry for a week or a month, you might also see an entry about something random as early as tomorrow. But if you are reading this and you have any topic suggestions that would be awesome. I have so much stuff in my head that wants to come out, I just don't know how to begin.

Until next time peeps ...


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