Starting tomorrow ... I think

I'm thinking of making tomorrow "Fed Up Fridays"!

I thought that with all the bullcrap I hear about on a daily basis I should try to sum it all up in one weekly post.
From excuses to dumb ass comments.
It's amazing how much people I interact with on a regular basis don't filter what comes out of there mouth. Perhaps said people don't even have filters.
I'm not quite sure but I do know that I want to share some of it with the world.

I worked on a graphic for Fed Up Fridays earlier but I'm not sure how I feel about it.
Here it is:


It's okay but not the best. I have a few other pics I'm going to play with but this will be the one for now. Anyway, look for my Fed Up Friday post tomorrow. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, if you don't, just fake it for me ok, thanks! ;)


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  1. Yeah! I'll be watching for it!!



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