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So last night the Hubby and I attended a 'meeting' in the auditorium of our local elementary school. I'm using the term meeting loosely because when all was said and done it wasn't what I thought it was. I full on expected to be around a bunch of other parents, a few teachers (from various schools in our area) and then the 'board' of this particular organization. I thought we would be discussing our horrendous budget crisis, our lousy test scores and ways to resolve these very important issues that are plaguing our area schools as well as our district. Nope. Well, I'll try to be a tad fair. Those things were 'touched' upon. But it seemed to me like nothing more than a clique trying to pat each other on the back for what I see as being a piss poor attempt at teaching our students.

The majority of the people in attendance were teachers from the local High School. A HS that has terrible testing scores. I'm talking less than 10% of the school is proficient in Math. That ridiculous and only one example of god awful test scores. The organizer of the group, god love him, is only trying to do good. I mean I see what he is "trying" to do but to me the way they're going about it is wrong. So during the meeting I kept my mouth shut and just listened to group of people as they took turns stroking each others egos and applauding the efforts of 3 students that came to the meeting. All the while I am waiting for them to get to the meat and potatoes of it all. Waiting, impatiently mind you, for them to dispense something that sounded remotely like a suggestion on how to make a change in our badly in need of s change system. *sigh* That moment never really came.

I walked away even more confused and disgusted with the way this whole situation is being handled. I did however let them know during a Q&A session that I have a child that just started High School and I would NEVER in a million years send her to their school. I followed that up with "No Offence". I'm not sure if they realized I was being snarky. Oh and god love my husband. When we were approached later by one of the VP's at the HS who wanted to know 'why' I wouldn't send our daughter there. My husband looked at him and said "Because its scary, I interned in the Drafting class for the last few years and I know first hand what goes on your campus. Which is really a shame because I myself went to that HS.".

On a related side note.
The Hubs has a new kind of punishment for our oldest kiddo.
"If you don't behave and keep your grades up, we'll pull you out of your pretty foo foo awesome rainbows and unicorns high school and put you in the neighborhood HS.


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