Well the first week of school has come to an end. It has been a busy one. All 3 of our girls seem to be adjusting well to there new class(s) and schedules. A is doing exceptionally well, but I'm not really too surprised by that. I had my first 3 days of work. The 1st day was way chaotic. Day 2, somewhat chaotic. Today, meh, chaotic but getting better. The signs I made for the other girls and the kids tables have been really helpful. Pretty soon the kids wont need them....they'll just know.
Spent some time doing PTA stuff and some time cleaning up the Parent Room this week too. I really want to do as much as I can to get as many parents as I can to be involved at school.

I also finished up my meds (yesterday) from that little pesky almost dying incident. I teased the teacher again today about it. LOL! I'm super tired but it's definitely the good kind. I like being busy. Having a purpose. Well that sounds bad. I've always been busy. I've always had a purpose. I mean being a full time SAHM is no walk in the park. But this is just a different kind of busy.
I really need to work at keeping a balance though. Making sure I can get all the things done that I NEED to get done as well as the things I WANT to get done. So the word I am going to concentrate on for next week is 'Balance'.

Oh and before I forget, I got this really cool journal at the mall this past weekend. Its perfect for working on the 'book'. I did what I like to call 'circle thinking' the night before last and wrote stuff in it. I'm not really sure which direction the story will take yet but I am feeling out several different ideas. I really don't want this to be forced. I want it to just happen, so I'm not putting pressure on myself or the story (or stories) that I know exist inside me.

Well, that's gonna do it for tonight. A wants me to go lay with her for a little while in her bed. Nighty nite!

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