Summer is officially over...

Tomorrow my kids go back to school!!! S starts high school, M is in the 3rd grade and A is starting Kinder. I am so excited for them. Even though the little one is super nervous I KNOW she's gonna love it. I'm going to enjoy it as well. I'm going to have a couple hours a day where I actually have the house to myself....w00t! It's super weird but I'm excited to be able to mop the kitchen without kids possibly walking on it. To be able to clean the living room or kitchen w/out worrying about what room is being destroyed while I'm cleaning a different one. Its the little things that make me happy. I am going to miss having A around though. Shes been my little running dog for 5yrs. I am so used to having her by my side I'm sure it's going to be uber weird not having her w/ me all the time. How many times do you think I will be heading out to the store or something and feel like I have forgotten her??? It's definitely going to be weird for a while. I start my part time job on Wednesday but since its at the same school that M & A attend it probably won't even feel like work. I'm always there anyway, volunteering or doing PTA business. I am looking forward to putting a little more money in my pocket though, that's for sure. Guess I should head off to bed soon, big day tomorrow!! w00t!

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  1. Hey there! Found you from New Friend Friday @ Trendy Treehouse. My a started kindergarten this year too. It's so hard when our babies are suddenly big kids, isn't it?


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