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There is just so much to blog about that it's gonna take a couple just to break it all down. Kinda thankful that I don't have any followers yet, lol. They might unfollow after reading all this stuff, lol. Ok so here it goes:

The month of August...
Started out pretty normal. Had M's birthday celebration. We went to dinner and Daddy made her a cake. She got some presents and we just chilled as a family. Then later in the month I got impatient waiting to here about my part time job at OP so I ended up going up to the district to see what was going on. They of course couldn't help me with the situation because the 'person' that was suppose to take care of it didn't.....uuggghhhh, so frustrating. In the mean time while talking to the HR ppl I found out that I was qualified for another position. So me being me I took the opportunity to lock in another job while waiting for the first one. So as of now, I have 2 jobs with the school....yaay!!! Uhm so I think that covers the month of August, but since this is my blog I reserve the right to jump back in time and add more at a later time, lol. :)

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