So much, part deux...

OK so in the last blog I gave a quick quick version of the crap that went down in the month of August. Now I'm gonna tell you about September. Keeping in mind of course that today is only September 4th, lol.
:::side note to self, blog more often so that you don't have to moosh it all in like this:::
Sept 1st...Fairly boring day. Did house stuff. Typical boring day.
Sept 2nd... Had oldest daughters HS orientation and got her class schedule. Went up to the district and got my employee ID badge. Went next door to OP, helped in a few classrooms, talked to a few teachers and made plans for the next day.
Sept 3rd...The day started out just fine. I had my baby girls kinder orientation. I had come home for an hour before heading back to OP to get the teachers luncheon underway. All that went fine....then at 12:45pm everything changed. I decided to have a cookie. I thought it was a White Chocolate/Macadamia Nut cookie...I was wrong. It ended up having cashews in it. Turns out I am deathly allergic to cashews. My tongue and throat started to swell up almost immediately and I ended up having to go to the hospital. I had to get an epinephrine shot, some steroids and something called pepcid for the nausea. I have some other meds that I am taking now too and will continue them for another 4 days. I am just so so lucky that I just so happened to break the cookie in half and share it with baby girl. If I hadn't...I'm not sure if I would even be around to blog about the incident.

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