It's so early...

Ok maybe not that early but early for me. I've been up since 5am. It's Sunday. Sunday is suppose to be a sleep till 8 or 9 day. But I had to get up early to take hubby to the airport. He is headed for Savannah Georgia to teach a class on how to do shize the right way. I guess the boys at the Savannah office have been effin up their CAD stuff so the hubby's gotta go make them see the light. Its awesome the he is SO GOOD at what he does that he has to teach others how to do it but sucks because I miss him when he's gone.

On a side note... He was sweet enough to point out how much grey I have going on in my hair right now while we were standing outside the airport security check. I was thinking about growing all my color out but since he pointed the grey out I might just cave and go buy a box of color. The question is do I go towards my natural dirty blonde locks or do I stick with the dark reds/browns that I have been for the last year or so???

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  1. hmmmm hard decision. If you are doing it yourself, I'd lean towards what you have b/c I've found when you do it yourself, going lighter can be a challenge... just sayin' (this from a totally gray head that refuses to let it show!)
    Following your blog :) Stop by and visit me at when you get a moment.. let me know what direction you decided on!

  2. I was up at 4:30am this morning. Not fair to be up that early on a Sunday! I feel ya.
    Stopping by from Blog Frog!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today! Blonde and gray blend well together. (I know from experience) ;)

  4. I would stick with reds and browns especially now that we are getting into the fall season. I'm getting my hair colored this week..I'm thinking I'm going redder...I will post on my blog after I get it done. I go to an all organic salon nearby and they do a fantastic job and there's no chemicals! Thanks for adding me as a friend on BlogFrog! Now following your blog!

    Carrie A Groff


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