I'm sick

So this is Day 2 of being sick. Well, let me restate that. I've always been a little sick, mentally, lol, but today is day 2 of this nasty head cold. I don't use the word hate very often but I really HATE being sick. I can't think straight. I can't get things done. I had so many plans for this weekend. So much on my "To Do" list and I have barely touched it.
You really have to stop and appreciate things like being able to breathe through your nose. To appreciate being able to stand from a sitting position without feeling light headed. Being able to taste food. Being able to lay in bed at night without having a coughing fit. You know the kind that makes your chest hurt. I am really over this cold. I really would like for it to go away now.

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  2. Get Well Soon!
    I am a new follower from the hop.
    Living Out Loud

  3. I know how you feel, about the mental and physical sickness, Lol =) I was sick this week and my 3 year old wouldn't leave me alone and now he's sick =( I'm sure you will feel much better soon just continue to take it easy. Thank you for stopping by my page. I am now one of you followers and look forward to reading more of your posts. Please stop by on Wednesday to join in on my Weird me Wednesday blog hop at

  4. hope you feel better soon!

    thank you for stopping by i am now following you back

  5. Get well soon - I hate feeling like that!!!


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