Blog Hop Numero Dos

So this is my second blog hop that I have participated in. This one is brought to you by Shhhhh! Just between u&me. It's called Weird Me Wednesday!


So I am suppose to post something weird about me. I just happen to think that everything about me is a wee bit weird so it's actually a little hard to think of one.
Ok, how about this...
I have to sniff everything. If I open the milk to pour on cereal I have to smell it. If I open the butter to put on toast I have to smell it. It's mainly food items and or condiments but I have actually smelled towels, brushes, sheets to name a few other things. They can be freshly washed or clean so I know I'm not checking for freshness, I think I just need to smell them, lol.

Ok so thats my weird thing, lol. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I'm a sniffer too..does make me weird?

    Following you for a weird me Wednesday!


  2. I'm weird that way too!!! =) Thanks for joining in for Weird Me Wednesday, I hope you will share more of your weirdness next week.

  3. Just stopping by from the Blog Hop and following you!


  4. I'm not a sniffer, per say, but I do have heightened mom-smell since haveing kids. I can smell a pooply from 100 yards!! Thanks for the follow- I'm following back.


  5. Hi, this is my first "weird" blog hop. As I read other peoples weirdness I realize I do that too! LOL Why did I have such a problem finding something to blog about then? LMAO

    Consider yourself followed by a fellow sniffer!

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