Being Sensitive

I don't like it. Being so damn sensitive to other peoples feelings. If I don't agree or feel differently then why can't I just say so! I wish I could just not give a crap if I hurt someones feelings or pissed someone off. But it bothers me, deep down, it really bothers me. I mean I can fake it. Like if its a stranger or someone I don't know very well. I can be an insensitive bitch, I can project the attitude of not caring but inside I do. Its especially troubling for me when its someone I care about like my husband, my good friend, hell sometimes even my children. It makes me feel weak. I don't like feeling weak. I have been taken advantage of because of my sensitivity. I have let the wrong people too close and been hurt badly. And yet I keep doing it. Keep being sensitive to others. I hold my tongue, don't say what I really think or feel because of it. I know people get pissed, I know people get upset but knowing I am the cause just doesn't sit well with me. Is there a class I can take? Like a How To Be More Bitchy 101. If so, sign me up.

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