Being Sensitive

I don't like it. Being so damn sensitive to other peoples feelings. If I don't agree or feel differently then why can't I just say so! I wish I could just not give a crap if I hurt someones feelings or pissed someone off. But it bothers me, deep down, it really bothers me. I mean I can fake it. Like if its a stranger or someone I don't know very well. I can be an insensitive bitch, I can project the attitude of not caring but inside I do. Its especially troubling for me when its someone I care about like my husband, my good friend, hell sometimes even my children. It makes me feel weak. I don't like feeling weak. I have been taken advantage of because of my sensitivity. I have let the wrong people too close and been hurt badly. And yet I keep doing it. Keep being sensitive to others. I hold my tongue, don't say what I really think or feel because of it. I know people get pissed, I know people get upset but knowing I am the cause just doesn't sit well with me. Is there a class I can take? Like a How To Be More Bitchy 101. If so, sign me up.


Emotionally Conflicted

My 4yo says the darnedest things. Shes smart and has a big vocabulary. Today she was laying on my bed saying "Haaaaappppppyyyy Bunny, Saaaaadddd Bunny" over and over. After a while I asked her what on earth she was talking about. She said she got it from some show and then said "The bunny is emotionally conflicted"! Seriously?? Shes FOUR! What four year old says 'emotionally conflicted' let alone KNOWS what it means. She is just too much. When I stated as much she simply patted my arm and said 'I know Momma, I know' and walked away.

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